Caramel Sauces + Pistachio Cream Set

$ 50.00

A beautifully boxed set, ready for gifting, of our spectacular caramel sauces and pistachio cream. The creamy, dreamy, rich Pistachio Cream is a delicious spread made with ground pistachios and just a touch of sweetness. Think of this as the pistachio cousin to any nut butter or Nutella. The rich, thick caramel sauces are absolute perfection, taken next level with the addition of gentle rose and cardamom in one jar and tahini sesame in the other. Heaven drizzled on apples, ice cream, cakes, you name it.

Three jars: 9 oz. Pistachio Cream, 10 oz. Cardamom Rose Caramel Sauce, 10 oz. Tahini Caramel Sauce.