L'Atelier du Miel Honey Set of 2

$ 44.00

This is very special, rare raw honey brought to us by L'Atelier du Miel in Lebanon. The honeys are single origin, raw, and free from sucrose, antibiotic and pesticide residue.

We've worked for the last couple of years to bring this remarkable honey to you, and we are thrilled it has arrived even in Lebanon's current conditions.

L’Atelier du Miel remains faithful to the same homey culture that originally started in the founders’ mother’s kitchen. The founders’ mother is still today the main chef at l’Atelier du Miel, with the help of her own mother too. We love family businesses like this one.

Cedar, Thistles & Summer Flowers At 1900 meters and higher, the high mountain forests of Bcharre in northern Lebanon provide a rich local floral diversity including cedar, fir, thistles and wild summer flowers which help produce the unique flavors of Cedar Bsharre raw honey. Collected at the end of summer, this honey is best with toasted breads and dairy products. Rich in micronutrients, iron and minerals, this honey helps fight fatigue and anemia and is recommended for both athletes and the elderly alike.

Clover & Spring Flowers is a medium-sweet honey with delicate with floral notes. This honey is the ideal accompaniment with tea, as well as cheese, fresh juices and fruits. Noted to be effective against several pathogens, this honey may also help control LDL and, alongside other treatments, help manage diabetes levels, heal wounds and regulate blood pressure.The clover and wild spring flowers that cover Laklouk’s mountain meadows during May and June favor the production of this delicate honey.


Set includes two 8.1 oz. jars of honey and two L'Atelier du Miel honey dippers, boxed.