Mymoune Orange Blossom Water

$ 16.00


Orange blossom water is distilled from the petals of orange blossoms. The scent and flavor of orange blossom water have unique powers over body, mind, and soul! The aroma will grace your kitchen whenever you use it, and soon you might find yourself forgiving offenses, planning a picnic, or noticing that your face, even at rest, has a bit of a smile on it....

Use your orange blossom water to scent syrups, pastries, confections, ice creams, and puddings. This is the flavor that makes Lebanese baklawa the best in its class. I like mine for cups of Lebanese cafe blanc, a delicate drink simply made with hot water and orange blossom water. A little honey doesn't hurt either. Ice it in the warmer season and it's equally wonderful. Find many excellent recipes at