Custom Ka'ik Cookie Mold

$ 38.00

I'm so proud to present custom-made ka'ik molds, crafted to my exacting specifications, made exclusively for by an artisan in Northern Michigan. 

What sets this mold apart is the precision of the mold cuts, as well as the depth of the design imprint, so that the special flower design will hold its shape through baking. 

Crafted in solid cherry, this a mold to keep for a lifetime, then hand down as an heirloom to encourage baking traditions for generations to come.

This gorgeous cookie mold is specially made to decorate Lebanese ka’ik (or ka’ak) spiced cookies. Yeasted or shortbread ka’ik dough is pressed into the mold, then gently pulled off to reveal a beautiful classic design with circles. 

To care for the mold, wash gently with warm water as needed and dry thoroughly, then coat with mineral oil to keep the wood hydrated.

Find my rendition of Aunt Louise's recipe for yeasted ka'ik with rose water milk glaze here! Find my recipe for molded shortbread cookies here.

Ka'ik is always made with mahlab spice--find that here!