Lebanese Redhead Hot Sauce

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We'd buy this sauce just for it's clever brand name! Yet the sauce is all that and more: a mild heat that is just spicy enough while allowing the other inspired ingredients to shine. Peppers and dates are blended for that balanced sweet heat we love so much. Coffee and lemon bring excellent tang and depth.

Lebanese Redhead Hot Sauce is made in small batches . . . frequently because this sauce is so popular by those of us "in the know"!

5 fl. oz.

How to use hot sauce

Oh the places it goes! We keep this hot sauce at the ready for essentially every meal of the day: on eggs and veggies for breakfast, stirred into yogurt as a spread or a dip, a few dashes on cottage cheese for a snappy snack, tossed with chicken (wings and all!) or any meat, in marinades too. 

What's hot sauce made out of?

Hot sauce typically includes chili peppers of some kind. Wholesome ingredients in this specialty hot sauce include red bell pepper, dates, tomatoes, carrots, serrano chili peppers, coffee, garlic, onion, lemon juice, salt. Nothing artificial.

How hot is this hot sauce?

On the scale of heat-o-meters, Lebanese Redhead is a mild hot sauce. It has all of the zing and a classic hot sauce flavor, with medium heat so it pleases most hot sauce fans looking for some heat but not overwhelming their food or taste buds!



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Maker Spotlight

Lebanese Redhead

Lebanese Redhead is the creative enterprise of Christina El-Haddad, whose family hails from southern Lebanon. Christina's family produces EVOO from their family farm and places the family table at the heart of life.

"Good food isn’t just something you eat. It’s something you smell, taste, and savor. It’s something you enjoy with family and friends. It anchors our memories."