Set of Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oils

$ 36.00

Lebanon is known for its lush olive groves; here is a set of two favorite olive oils from northern and southern Lebanon. A great addition for your everyday cooking and arrives boxed, ready to give as a gift.

The Olive Harvest extra virgin oil comes from the Maalouf estate. This exceptional oil is made from a single varietal olive, the souri olive, making for a slightly more complex flavor that is excellent for every day use.

The Lebanon Valley is made from olives grown the lush Koura region of Lebanon. A wonderfully balanced, fruity oil to be used in daily cooking.

Use these oils for everyday cooking, to dress salads and roasted or steamed vegetables, drizzle over hummus and labneh, and on any dish you want to enrich with a delicious, healthy extra virgin olive oil.

Lebanon Valley 500 ml.; Olive Harvest, 500 ml.