Darmmess Extra Virgin

$ 30.00

Gold Medal Winner – 2022

EVO-IOOC Competition in Italy, May 2022

New! What an honor it is for us to bring you the award-winning Darmmess, a Lebanese olive oil from the Aboods’ ancestral village of Dier Mimas--a region known as the "Bordeaux of Olive Oil"! This is a smooth, early harvest oil with green notes and a medium, balanced acidity. Darmmess olive oil is made with a single variety of Souri olives, which are farmed naturally, free from pesticides and chemicals. This flavorful oil is loaded with antioxidant power through its high level of polyphenols. Darmmess considers its primary focus to be production of exceptional olive oil that preserves ancestral heritage and supports the local community.

 Harvested in early fall 2021 in Dier Mimas, Lebanon.

16.9 FL.OZ.