Orange Blossom Cream Caramels

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Made in Michigan Made in Michigan


Orange Blossom Cream Caramels are made especially for us by Howses, our beloved candy shop on Main Street in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Chris Howse works his candy-making magic on their wildly popular classic cream caramels, using a fragrant hint of our Orange Blossom Water in their secret recipe, just for us.

This flavor combination is a match made in heaven! The caramels are chewy, soft, and aromatic and keep well stored at room temperature or frozen.

*1/2-pound wrapped cream caramels, boxed


Small Batch and Small town goodness

These smooth caramels come to us from small-town Michigan, at its finest! My love affair with Howse's Fudge Shop goes all the way back to when I was a child, asking the papa of the shop if he needed any help? Answer: all set here, with 13 kids in his family to help work the magic! Big windows and an open candy-making kitchen make for nose-against-the-glass fun. Scroll the photos here to take a look inside, where Chris and his crew make their famous cream caramels for us . . . adding Mymoune Orange Blossom water to make the chewy, creamy, aromatic goodness ours alone.

How about those giant copper pots!

Howses retire a pot every 25 years or so. I love them so much that Dan happened to ask for one to gift me (my kind of romance...), right about the time it was going into retirement. He's my lucky charm! It lives above our fridge at home. Should I try to make big-batch caramel in it?!

Make your own caramel...

Want to try your hand at homemade caramels? Try my Orange Blossom Sea Salt Caramels recipe with our pure distilled Mymoune Orange Blossom Water.

How to store our Cream Caramels

The caramels hold nicely at room temperature for 2 weeks or a bit longer than that. Store them in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 6 months.


Granulated sugar, corn syrup, dairy cream, salt, and orange blossom water.


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