Darmmess Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Made in Lebanon Made in Lebanon


Note the new size, 250 ml (smaller than last harvest's 500 ml bottles).

It is an honor to bring you the award-winning Darmmess, a Lebanese extra virgin olive oil from the Aboods’ ancestral village of Dier Mimas. This region in southern Lebanon is known as the "Bordeaux of Olive Oil."

The flavor of this best quality olive oil is outstanding: a smooth, early harvest oil with green notes and a medium, well-balanced acidity that pleases a wide variety of palates. Darmmess olive oil is made with a single variety (monovarietel) of 100% Souri olives, which are farmed naturally, free from pesticides and chemicals. 

This filtered oil is loaded with antioxidant power through its high level of polyphenols. Darmmess considers its primary focus to be production of exceptional olive oil that preserves ancestral heritage and supports the local community.

*Winner of 8 international awards* for the best extra virgin olive oil, including:

  • 2023 Health & Nutrition Bronze category for high phenolic olive oils (Olympia Greece)
  • 2023 NYIOOC Gold Medal (New York)
  • 2023 EVO-IOOC Gold medal (Palmi Italy)
  • Awarded as one of the world's best socially responsible and environmentally committed producers. Traceable and transparent.
  • 2022 Bronze Standards of Excellence for high phenolic EVOOs; a natural food supplement


250 ml., '23 harvest

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Maker Spotlight

Rose Bechara Perini

Rose Bechara Perini founded the award-winning Darmmess to be traceable, socially responsible, transparent--and a swift process from the olive harvest to EVOO. Ultra-healthy high polyphenols are the Darmmess signature.

"As a native of Deir Mimas, in Southern Lebanon, I grew up observing the magic and mystery surrounding our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Being commonly referred to as the "Bordeaux of Olive Oils” has always made me proud."